Chargement de Dreem 3

Rédigé par Jonathan
Dernière mise à jour


The headband can be charged using the charging cable and adaptors available in the box. The cable attaches to the headband thanks to a magnet in both directions. To protect the headband from falling

 and potentially damaging its components, the cable has been designed to detach itself easily in case the cable is suddenly pulled, please make sure to keep this information in mind when charging the headband. If the LED does not light up, make sure the charging cable is properly plugged in


Make sure to follow this process:

  1. The wall adaptor can remain plugged into the wall socket during the whole study.
  2. First, plug the magnetic cable into the headband
  3. Then plug the cable attached to the headband on the USB output of the power supply unit.

The LED located on the top arch indicates battery level through color variations:

  • Flashing red LED indicates that the battery load is between 0% and 50%.
  • Flashing green LED indicates that the battery load is between 50 %and 99%.
  • The headband is fully charged when the LED is steady green.

The LED should be green before starting a sleep record.

Because the headband’s battery life is 20 hours, it is important to remind participants to charge the headband after every use to ensure the device does not stop working during the night.