What file formats can I download from the Dreem Portal?

Dreem Research Team
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You may download data under the following formats:

  • Raw data encoded in binary blobs (.tar.gz). (Unfiltered)
  • Raw data in h5 format. (Unfiltered)
  • EEG and 3D accelerometer data in EDF format. This is usually the preferred format for researchers wanting to import the file in their scoring software or for researchers using EEGlab on Matlab or a specific EEG toolbox on Python. The filtering procedure to transform an .h5 into a .edf is as follows:
    • An order 2 butterworth bandpass between 0.4 and 18Hz
    • Three notches filter for 50Hz, 60Hz and 62.5 Hz of order 3
  • Hypnogram in a time series format (.TXT). Sleep stages, which are determined by the sleep staging algorithm every 30s epochs, are listed chronologically in this file.
  • Sleep metrics report in .CSV. It contains general information about the record (record number, start time, duration, channel quality) and sleep metrics (WASO, TST, sleep stage duration etc).