I can't see my subject's data in the Dreem Portal

Written by Jonathan
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Here are the possible reasons for your subject's data not to appear on the Dreem Portal:

Your subject didn't setup his/her Wi-Fi

If Wi-Fi is not setup in the Alfin app, the headband won't upload the data daily on the dreem portal, once the headband is plugged to the charger.

=> We invite you to make sure that the subject knows how to install Alfin, how to setup the Wifi inapp and that the headband is put to charge after every usage

If your subject doesn't use the Alfin app during the study, you will need to have the headband back at lab in order to upload the data


Your subject account isn't linked to your administrator account


In order to see your subject's data, you need to have his/her supervised account linked to your Administrator account. 

=> We invite you to verify with your subject which login and password he/she is using to connect to the Alfin app. 


Data is taking a few minutes to upload

While the upload process is very fast, due to Wi-Fi service quality, the data can take a bit of time. 

=> We invite you to wait for half a day and if the data is still not on the Dreem Portal, you can contact us via our request form