I can't see my participant's data in the Dreem Portal

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Here are a some reasons why you may not be able to access your participant's data:

1. The participant did not configure WiFi in the Alfin app

If their home WiFi is not configured in the Alfin app, the headband will not upload data to the Dreem Portal even if it is plugged in.

BEST PRACTICE: Ensure that participants know how to install Alfin and how to setup the Wifi in the app


If your participant doesn't use the Alfin app during the study, the headband will need to be returned to the lab in order for the data to upload.


2. The participant did not plug in their headband

Plugging in the headband triggers the transfer of data to the Dreem servers. Sometimes the magnetic charging port can disconnect easily from the headband, have your participants verify that the headband is connected to the cable and plugged in appropriately.

BEST PRACTICE: Instruct the participant to plug in the headband after each use.


3. WiFi is configured and the headband is plugged in, why can't I see their data?

While the upload time is usually < 15 minute for an 8 hour recording with standard WiFi, this can vary depending on the participants WiFi service. It is recommended that the headband is plugged in as close to the modem as possible.

The minimum upload speed needed to transfer recordings to the Dreem Portal is 0.03 MB/s.

If a recording takes > 1 hour to upload (WiFi < 0.03 MB/s), the recording will time-out and it will not get uploaded to the server. The recording will not be lost, it will remain in the headband until faster Wi-Fi is configured in Alfin and the headband is plugged in again. 


4. The participant created their own account using the Dreem Coach app and their participant account is not linked to your administrator account.

Please email research@dreem.com if you wish to have accounts created for your research study. 

As our servers are GDPR compliant, the process to create accounts has changed. We no longer allow the use of personal identifiable information (PII) in our servers, therefore participant email addresses that contain PII are prohibited.