Has Dreem been clinically validated?

Written by Jonathan
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1. How many clinical trials Dreem has been involved in?

The device has been used in 5 clinical trials so far:
NCT03725943 (France, n=31), NCT03657329 (US, n=67), NCT04262791 (US, n=56), NCT02956161 (France, n=24), NCT03953196 (Belgium, n=48)
The device has also been included in many academic research protocols (>50).


2. Have the algorithms for determining sleep stages been validated? Has the data been published?

Yes, the paper was recently published in the peer-reviewed journal 'Sleep'. Data is also available.
Ref: Arnal & al, 2020, The Dreem Headband compared to Polysomnography for EEG Signal Acquisition and Sleep Staging, Sleep
DOI: 10.1093/sleep/zsaa097