Sleep endpoint definitions

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TRT: Total Recording time

Definition : Duration of the recording.Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.05.05.png

TST : Total sleep time

Definition : Amount of sleep from lights out (recording starts) to lights on (recording ends).Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.05.11.png

SO: Sleep Onset

Definition : Sleep onset is defined as the first occurence of N2, N3, REM or 3 consecutive epochs of N1. (Another definition: Time from 'Lights out' to unequivocal sleep onset, under sleep onset AASM)Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.05.17.png

SOL: Sleep Onset Latency

Definition: Sleep onset latency is the duration from recording start, to sleep onset.Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.05.30.png

WASO: Wake After Sleep Onset

Definition : Wakefulness between sleep onset and the last epoch of sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.05.36.png

WAKE: Wake duration

Definition : Minutes of time spent awakeScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.05.42.png

N1: N1 stage duration

Definition: Minutes of N1 sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.05.47.png

N2: N2 duration

Definition : Minutes of N2 sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.05.52.png

N3 : Stage N3 duration

Definition : Minutes of N3 sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.05.59.png

REM : Stage REM duration

Definition : Minutes of REM sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.05.png

NREM : Stage N1+N2+N3 duration

Definition : Minutes of N1+N2+N3 sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.11.png

%N1 : Proportion of TST in Stage N1

Definition : Percentage of TST spent in N1 sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.17.png

%N2 : Proportion of TST in Stage N2

Definition : Percentage of TST spent in N2 sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.21.png

%N3 : Proportion of TST in Stage N3

Definition : Percentage of TST spent in N3 sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.26.png

%REM : Proportion of TST in Stage REM

Definition : Percentage of TST spent in REM sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.33.png

%NREM : Proportion of TST in Stage N1+N2+N3

Definition : Percentage of TST spent in N1+N2+N3 sleepScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.38.png

SE : Sleep Efficiency

Definition : Portion of the TRT spent asleep.Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.44.png

PS : Persistent Sleep

Definition : persistent sleep is the first epoch of 10min of uninterrupted sleep.Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.50.png

LPS : Latency to persistent Sleep

Definition : Time from 'lights out' to the first epoch of persistent sleep. This metric is close to SOL.Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.06.55.png

LN2 : Latency to N2

Definition : Minutes from SO to first epoch N2Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.07.00.png

LN3 : Latency to N3

Definition : Minutes from SO to first epoch N3Screenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.07.05.png

LREM: Latency to REM

Definition: Minutes from sleep onset (SO) to first epoch REMScreenshot_2021-08-04_at_09.07.10.png