Administrator account vs Participant account

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What's the difference  between Administrator accounts and participant accounts?

Administrator accounts

  • Administrator accounts are intended for the study team
  • These accounts enable access to the Dreem Portal, where the study team will be able to access the raw data of their participants
  • The administrator account cannot be used to login to the Alfin app

Participant accounts*

  • Participant accounts are intended for the study participants and are only used to login to the Alfin app to record nights
  • Participants cannot use their account to login to the Dreem Portal

*All participant accounts must be pseudonymized for GDPR compliance


How can I request accounts?

Both Administrator and Participant accounts are created by Dreem.

Please contact should you wish to create accounts. If this will be your first request for accounts, please provide the name of the Principal Investigator who purchased the headbands or a copy of the invoice from the original purchase.