How to start and stop recordings

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Prior to starting a recording, the headband should be paired with a participant ID by using the Alfin app. If it is not you may follow the instructions on Setting up the Dreem headband with the Alfin app.

Once the steps have been followed to configure bluetooth to pair the headband to the smartphone and to configure the Wi-Fi, it is important to make sure the headband is positioned properly. See How to wear the Dreem headband.

To start a recording:

Press the power button on top of the headband 3 times to start a recording. The LED light will turn blue and turn off a few moments after. The participant will also hear a voice confirmation that their recording has started.


If the participant is unsure if the recording has started, you may instruct them to quickly press on the power button. The LED light will briefly light up in blue and they should hear an audio confirmation that will say "Night in progress."


To stop a recording:

Quickly press on the power button to "wake" the headband. The power button LED will flash blue. Then press on the power button for 3 seconds, the LED surrounding the power button will flash white and turn off. This indicated that the recording has stopped and that the headband has turned off. 

The participant can then remove the headband and plug the headband to charge during the day. See Charging the Dreem 3 headband.