Charging the Dreem 3 headband

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1. Insert the USB cable into the adaptor available in the box

2. Plug in the adaptor to a power source

3. Attach the magnetic cable to the headband

4. The LED light should turn on once plugged in. If the LED does not light up, make sure the charging cable is properly plugged in.

The LED located on the top arch indicates battery level through color variations:

  • Red LED indicates that the headband can record < 12 hours and that the headband needs to be plugged in for re-charging*
  • Green LED indicates that the battery has enough charge to record > 12 hours

  Screenshot_2022-12-06_at_11.21.23.png    Screenshot_2022-12-06_at_11.21.30.png    Screenshot_2022-12-06_at_11.21.37.png

The LED light should be green before a recording is started.

It is important to remind participants to charge the headband after every use to ensure the device does not stop working during the night. Participants may leave the headband plugged in each morning after use.


*If the headbands battery is fully depleted, a full charge will take 3 hours. You may instruct the participant to leave the headband plugged in each morning, until they are ready to use it the following evening.