How to: Use the charging dock

Written by Jonathan
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The charging dock allows charging your headband (3 to 4hours) and keeps it from any damage during the day.

To charge your headband

1. Plug the cable into the rear of the dock, then connect the other end of the cable to the power adapter found in your headband’s packaging. Make sure that the cable is fully inserted inside the back of the dock.



Note: The First plug can be a bit tricky. If you have any issue inserting the USB cable, please wiggle the cable from side to side while inserting it.

2. Ensure you attach the velcro pad inside the band. You will find it in your box. 


3. Firmly insert the top arch of your headband with the pad on inside the dock.


4. Ensure that the headband is put on the dock in a way that the touchpad is totally covered. 


5. When the blue light blinks in a step increase pattern, your headband is charging. The solid blue light indicates that your headband is fully charged and ready to use.


A full charge can take up to 6/7 hours.


How do I make sure my headband is charging? 

If you put your headband (turned off) on the dock, it will turn on (white then blue light). 

To make sure that your Band has enough battery, go to Dreem section then tap headband icon. Once you have paired your headband and phone, you can consult the headband’s battery level by tapping the battery icon.


What if my headband doesn't charge?  

 If your headband doesn't charge while on the dock, test your micro-USB cable by plugging it to another micro-USB compatible device (Android phone or a Bluetooth speaker for example)

  • If the other device charges then you can contact us at for a standard exchange of your headband. 
  • If it doesn’t charge, then there is likely an issue with your micro-USB cable. In this case, contact us also so we can send you another cable to your home address. 

What if my headband charges slowly? 

Here are the possible sources of a slow charge:

  • Ensure that the pins inside the dock are clean.
  • Make sure the top arch scratchpad (3.) is applied on your headband.
  • Make sure the touchpad of the headband is completely covered by the dock and centered.