Length of awakenings

Written by Jonathan
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What's being measured?

This length is obtained by adding together the lengths of any nocturnal awakenings that lasted longer than 2 minutes. In other words, this length is the amount of time spent awake between the first time you fall asleep and your last wake-up.

Why is this measurement important?

The length of nocturnal awakenings allows us to quantify the gravity of your sleep problem. If their combined length is too long, your sleep is considered fragile.

How to interpret this measurement?

A score is attributed to the combined length of your nocturnal awakenings:

Length Score attributed Comments
0-5 min 5 Excellent
5-15 min 4 Very good
15-30 min 3 Good
30-45 min 2 Average
+45 min 1 Poor


Where can I find this measurement in the app?

Tap on the night card to open the "Quality" page.