Verify signal quality with LIVE EEG

Written by Jonathan
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Live EEG is located in headband settings. To use it, make sure that you are paired. It measures the difference between brain activity in the forehead and in the back of your head. If well adjusted, you will get a stable signal with a low amplitude. 

How to: check the positioning

1- Put the band on and put yourself in bed conditions.

2- Go to the LIVE EEG section. At the beginning, the signal will be shift a lot and you won't see heart rate, that's perfectly normal. 


3- Wait for 5-10 seconds, signal will stabilize and heart rate will appear. Stay calm et focus on your screen. If signal is still shifting, then make sure that your headband is weel positioned (front band on the middle of forehead with no hair in between and back part into the hair to maximize contact). 


4- Once the signal is stabilized, blink shortly thréé times. You should see your LIVE EEG react to those blinks. If not, then check again the position of your band. 

LIVE EEG reacting to blinks


LIVE EEG with no reaction to blinks


5- That's it, your headband is ready for a night or nap.

  • Blue dots are an indication of the signal intensity. They can't alone tell you if the headband is well put on.
  • It is important that you chose the right size for your band to stay in the same position all through the night. To learn more, visit pick the right size.