How to: use sleep schedule

Written by Jonathan
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Sleep Schedule section allows you to define a bedtime and wake-up time. Here's how to use it.

1-  Press "Sleep Schedule".


2- Drag your bedtime and Alarm time.

 Planning_Drag_bed_EN.png .   Planning_Drag_Wake_EN-1.png
3- Select which days you wish to enable bedtime reminder and alarm. Note that the alarm selected will be added automatically to your night setup in Dreem section. 

4- Select "SAVE". 

5- Follow every morning how well you respected your sleep schedule by pressing the night card tab.


Note: If you are not paired, you will see this screen.  


Sleep schedule during Sleep Restructuring program

If you follow this program, you will get a different sleep schedule. When you reach 7 nights, you will get a sleep recommendation. 


You can drag your sleep window but you can't increase or reduce the amount of sleep. You will also get an opportunity every 7 nights to change your bedtime and accord it to your personal constraints.