How to: setup sounds of your headband

Written by Jonathan
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You can setup different sounds from your headband through the app. Just make sure:

1. You pair your band by turning it on.

2. You launch the app to finalize pairing. 

3. You go to DREEM section, then in your headband status page, by taping the band icon (upper right).


Setup headband audio

Headband audio refers to vocal confirmations you can hear from your headband: "night started", "alarm parametered", etc. To set them up, follow:

1. Headband settings.


2. Select language and desired volume.


Setup relaxation techniques volume

Relaxation techniques refer to sounds played by the headband when you choose to hear them at the beginning of your night session. To setup the volume:

1. Follow to DREEM section.

2. Select "SLEEP AID".

3. Tap on the volume icon then define desired volume.  


4. Define then the volume for your ambiance if necessary.