How to: read the Record Quality metric

Written by Jonathan
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Important: This metric is displayed as N/A for now as it has yet to be populated after internal computation.



Every epoch of the recording is labeled as either ‘scorable’ or ‘non scorable’ by our algorithm. An epoch is scorable if the signal quality is sufficient enough for a human to score it unequivocally. The Record Quality metric is the proportion of epochs of the recording that are scorable, thus this metric is a high level indicator of the quality of the recording. 


How it is calculated

Five independent scorers multi-scored for sleep stages 50 Dreem nights. Our deep learning model was trained on this database to labels epochs by giving them a score between 0 and 1 (0 means not scorable at all; 1 means the algorithm is 100% confident the epoch can be scored). The Dreem scorability is the percentage of the record’s epoch with a score > 0.5. 


Color coding


A value below 70 is often related to a poor placing of the headband on the head. We advise you to review with your subject how to wear the headband and to switch to small adjustment strips. It can also indicate a subject with fragmented sleep.