How to: read the off head metric

Written by Jonathan
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Important: This metric is displayed as N/A for now as it has yet to be populated after internal computation.



Every 2 seconds of the signal is tested for on head or off head. When the recording is completed, the % of the record with off head is displayed a ‘off head’ metric. 

How to read it

Values from 0 to 10 are acceptable, and the Record Quality metric should be inspected next. Any values above 10 should be considered substantial record loss, and intervention should be given with the subject to minimize durations of complete EEG signal loss.


Color coding


If you see values over 10, it means that the headband didn't stay properly on the head for more than 10% of the record. We advise you to help the participant on maintaining a good fit of the headband. It can be through positioning tips or using the right adjustment strips.