Start a night with the Touchpad

Written by Jonathan
Last update
Important: The touchpad cannot be used in combination with the Dreem app. You can only begin your night via the touchpad if your night has not started in the app. If the app has already launched, the headband will pair automatically and you will only be able to start a night through the Dreem section.
To start your night using the touchpad please follow the instructions below :
1. Press the ON / OFF button
2. Place  the headband on your head 
3. Wait for a few seconds so your headband can detect it is on your head.
4. Slide your finger on the touchpad until you hear a beep.
5. Press down on the Touchpad after 2 seconds you should hear a voice confirming that your night has started.
5. To confirm that your headband is recording you can take off the headband. You should see a red light, which indicates that the pulse oximeter is functioning. If you do not see this please repeat the operation from step 5.
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