My headband won't pair

Written by Alexandre
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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) allows you to connect your phone to your headband so you can set it up and control it.

In order for the headband to pair with your smartphone, you must ensure that :

  • Your headband is turned on.
  • Your headband is close to your phone.
  • Your phone is not paired to another headband (in which case you need to “forget the headband” in the settings section).

Troubleshooting Android pairing issues

In case of a pairing issue with an Android phone, here are 3 ways you can solve the situation: 

1. Go to your phone’s settings, then in “Applications” select “Dreem”, then “Empty cache”. Then try to pair again in BLE.

2. If you still cannot pair, make sure that the localization option is enabled for the Dreem application in your phone settings. This authorization is required to allow you to connect using BLE. Please note that we do not make any use nor collect your location. This is a system requirement specific to Android phones.

3. If you are still experiencing this issue, try to pair using Bluetooth Classic. If the application has not already presented this option automatically to you, open your Dreem app, go to your headband settings and select “change pairing method”. Try pairing again. 

If none of these instructions has solved your pairing issue, there may be a problem with your headband. In this case, please contact our support team so that we can further investigate.

Troubleshooting iOS pairing issues

If you are an iOS user (iPhone/iPad), try to pair using another phone. If your headband pairs with this device, this means that the headband is functional.

If not, please contact our support team so that we can further investigate.

Please note: Windows Phone and BlackBerry phones are not compatible with the Dreem app.