Headband isn't charging

Written by Alexandre
Last update

When you put your headband on the dock, it should turn on automatically. If this is not the case, please test your charger and your micro-USB cable with another compatible device (Android phone or a Bluetooth speaker for example)

  • If the other device charges then you can contact our support team. They will explain the following steps. 
  • If the other device doesn’t charge, then there is likely an issue with your charger. In this case, contact the support team. They will send you back another charger. 

Charging takes about 8h (depending on how well you place your headband on the dock). 

If your headband charges slowly, please make sure your headband is well positioned into the charger:

1. Make sure the pad is attached at the back of the headband.

2. Make sure that you place your headband in the dock in a way that the touchpad is totally covered by the dock.

3. Make sure the headband gold pins are aligned with the charger pins.

4. Make sure the cable is fully inserted into the charger.

5. Try also to link the dock with another charger