How to: Join a program

Our programs are created with different objectives, duration, and intensity levels to meet different needs.

Assessment step

The first 7 nights with your Dreem Band are dedicated to an  analysis of your sleep as it is. It is only after this assessment step that you’re able to join a program.  

Your first Sleep Report

After your first Sleep Report, you’ll be referred to Restructuring Sleep (our inspired by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program) or an alternative program.

The ME section

Once you’ve completed the assessment period, you can join a program at any time by going to the ME section.

  1. Choose the program at the top of the section.
  2. Read the program content carefully and tap ‘Join’.
  3. Follow the progress of your program and the settings.


You can stop a program at any time by pressing the ‘Opt-out program’ button.


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