Winning back sleep program


Presentation of the program

Do you feel like you're not getting enough sleep, running after your sleep, and suffering from bedtime? The Regain de sommeil program is here to help you. Together, we will learn how to adapt your behaviors, change your bedtime schedules and maintain a good long-term sleep goal.

Who is it intended to?

This program is intended primarily for good sleep deprivers; that is to say, those already having a quality sleep, but who miss these precious minutes of sleep to feel in top form. With educational tip cards and personalized recommendations, we'll help you tailor your sleep schedule, find the right pace and give your sleep a real place.

Course of the program

  • The duration of this program adapts to the profile of the sleeper to enable him to gradually reach his goal of sleep.
  • Educational phase: (you will have the opportunity to learn more about your sleep needs, sleep deprivation, and its consequences on your health.You will also discover the good behavior to put in place to fight against lack of sleep) :
    • Sleep needs
    • Sleep deprivation and consequences
    • Procrastination of sleep
    • The screens
    • Naps
  • Sleep schedule: At regular intervals, we will adapt your new bedtime schedules, allowing you to gradually get closer to your sleep goal.

Tracking and progress

Reminders and encouragement with notifications
sleeping hours adapted to the progression

Level of involvement

Changing one's habits is a challenge that should not be underestimated. But with good advice and a little good will nothing insurmountable

Whatever your questions, suggestions, or remarks,
our dedicated support team is at your disposal 7 days a week

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