Winning back sleep program


About the program

The Winning Back Sleep program is designed for those of us who feel like they need a little more sleep. We’ll take you through adapting your behavior, changing your bedtime schedule and maintain a good long-term sleep objective.

Who is it for?

This program is primarily for people who already have a pretty good quality of sleep but still feel like they’re missing an extra few minutes to feel at the top of their game. With informative tips and personalized recommendations, we’ll help you to tailor your sleep schedule, find the right pace and give your sleep the important space if deserves.

How long does it last?

The duration of this program adapts to the sleeper’s profile, enabling them to gradually reach their sleep objective.

First up, the educational phase that gives you time to learn more about your sleep needs,, sleep deprivation and its consequences on your health. You’ll also discover the best practices to put into place to fight against a lack of sleep. Topics covered include:

  • Sleep needs
  • Sleep deprivation and its consequences
  • Procrastination and sleep
  • Screens and sleep
  • Naps

Sleep schedule: At regular intervals we’ll adapt your new bedtime schedule to allow you got gradually get closer to reaching your sleep objective.

Tracking and progress

We’ll send you reminders and encouragement via push notification to keep you on the path to achieving your sleep goal. Plus your bedtime will be adapted according to your progression in the program.

Is it easy?

Changing habits is, of course, a challenge that shouldn’t be underestimated. But with a good advice and a little will-power, anything is possible!

Specificities of Winning back sleep program with Dreem

With Dreem’s help, you’ll get reliable measurements of your sleep phases (read more about what the headband measures at night) and the app will offer you daily advice and actions.

You can start the Winning Back Sleep program when you’ve completed the assessment step. The assessment step is dedicated to understanding your sleep patterns and then recommending an appropriate program. Learn more about the evaluation step.

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