The hypnogram, your night stage after stage

Written by Jonathan
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Tap anywhere on the Night Card to discover your hypnogram.


The hypnogram
The hypnogram is a diagram obtained by the continuous recording of the electroencephalogram during sleep. This makes it possible to identify sleep cycles during the night. This information is supplemented by data on your position, heart rate and respiratory rate. Below, you can see the default view of your hypnogram. Here your whole night is compressed for better visibility.


  • Tap the sleep phase you're interested in to see when it's represented in your night and some data figures.

  • Scroll the slider to see the details of your night, phase-to-phase, and observe variations in position, heart rate, and breathing rate. You can also view your brief awakenings (<2 minutes long).


The position pictogram

The position pictogram shows the position of your head in relation to the bed. The in-built accelerometer measures this every 5 minutes. If you move more than once during a 5 minutes window, the position you stayed in the longest will be represented.

Number of position changes

This shows how many times you changed position while you sleep. A "position change" corresponds to a change in head position (over 45 degrees in your body's axis). This indicator allows you to assess how much you moved during the night.