Questions about Relaxation

Farisa Copol
Written by Farisa Copol
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Can I use the Relaxation Techniques without my headband?

Your Dreem Band is required to enjoy the Relaxation Techniques. When choosing your Night settings, you can listen to a demo for each sound.

Can I start a session without choosing any exercise, nor background sound?

Sure! You can disable all the sound features by tapping "No thanks" or "Disabled" when asked.

How to set the volume of exercises and background sounds during the night?

You can set the volume of your relaxation exercise during your night, with a slide on your touchpad:

  • From right to left to raise the volume
  • From left to right to lower the volume.

To learn more about using the touchpad, please read the dedicated article.

How long does a Relaxation Technique last?

It’s up to you! You can set the duration for Relaxation exercises and background sounds when choosing your night settings.

For each Relaxation Technique, there are at least 3 duration options.

You can also set your background sound duration: it will either stop when your Relaxation exercise stops, or when your Band detects that you're falling asleep.

Can I resume/stop the Relaxation Technique during the night?

If you wake during your night and would like to listen to your Relaxation Technique again, just double-tap your Band’s touchpad.

To stop the Relaxation Technique before it ends, just double-tap the touchpad.

For more information about using the touchpad, please read the dedicated article.

Can I change my exercise and/or background sound during the night?

Yes, it's possible. You'll have to pair your Dreem Band and app (via Bluetooth), and go to the SLEEP section in your app.