Questions about stimulations

In which cases are the stimulations triggered?

Stimulations are triggered during consolidated deep sleep phases, i.e. when our algorithm detects a deep sleep phase of sufficient quality and for at least 30 consecutive minutes. Therefore, being stimulated depends strongly on your initial sleep structure.

Why are the stimulations disabled in the first week?

The objective of this first week is to evaluate your sleep as it is and determine your profile. During this period, relaxation exercises and stimulations are not yet active.

Why is the amount of stimulations variable?

There are several reasons why you may receive more or less stimulation from one night to another :

  • Your sleep session involves too little deep sleep.
  • Your sleep session includes deep sleep but our algorithm did not trigger any stimulation. This may be due to several events that disrupt your deep sleep and prevent your band from stimulating you:
    • movements
    • awakenings
    • fragmented deep sleep
  • The signal quality of the band is insufficient during periods of deep sleep. In this case, the band cannot determine the appropriate stimulation periods. The band may have moved over your head during the night and may be incorrectly positioned. For more information, please see the article "Positioning the band on the head".

To be noted :

The number of stimulation can vary from one person to another, depending on each person's sleep characteristics.

What is the "stimulation impact"?

The impact of stimulation on your deep sleep gives you an idea of the increase in the amplitude of your slow waves obtained through stimulation. This is an impact on quality and not on the quantity of deep sleep.

Does volume affect the effectiveness of stimuli? Can I change it?

To be effective, the stimulation must be perceived but not wake you up. We have set up a system of individualized volume of stimulation that allows automatic and personalized adjustment of the volume according to your sensitivity. For this reason it is not possible to set the volume of the stimulation yourself.

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