Questions about the Adventurers program

When does the Adventurers program start?
The program started in January 2018. You have to join the program first. We'll send you an invitation if a mission can match your profile.

Do I need a Dreem headband to participate? 
Yes, either yours or your friend's. We're not lending out any headband for the missions.


Will I get paid for being an Adventurer? 
No specific compensation has been planned. However you will receive personalised reports based on what type of test you take.


Does the Adventurers program involve any risks?
A benefit/risk analysis is undertaken before the start of each test. The tests do not involve any potential risks for the health and safety of our Adventurers.
If particular constraints apply, this information will be clearly explained when the test is suggested.
You accept the Adventurers General Conditions of Use when filling out the profiling questionnaire.

Is there a commercial aim?
Understanding your sleep better today is being able to improve it even more tomorrow. Dreem is based on neuroscience research. Today, we are not only able to make neuroscience accessible to everyone with Dreem but also contribute towards important sleep research in the scientific community. 

The test results will also be used to improve the Dreem Band and the information provided to you, our headband users.


Can I opt out of the Adventurers program?
You can opt out of the program anytime by emailing us at



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