Users of the previous app? What's new?

Where is the sleep score?

We have evolved the sleep score for simplicity. Now you can follow your sleep goal via the night map, and enjoy the quality of your night thanks to the star chart.

HypnoCardEN.png  Group_14_Copy_2x.png

You will be able to identify the sleep characteristics on which you have room for improvement. For some it will be the duration of effective sleep, for others the time of falling asleep.

The sleep score appeared as an objective indicator of the quality of the night. However, it did not say why it could go up or down. After many interviews with users, we have proceeded to this evolution.

Where are my daily data on stimulation?

Every day you receive a card on the number and impact of stimulations. It appears, however, that the impact can not really be analyzed at the scale of the day but rather that of the week. This is why you can now find the number as well as the stimulation times on the hypnogram directly, by pressing "deep sleep".

The average impact is revealed each week in your sleep report.

Important: Please note that during the evaluation stage, you will not have information about stimulations since they are deactivated.

Why do I have to go through an evaluation step?

You have probably made a certain number of nights with the headband and have to go back through this evaluation step. Why ? Just because the application now introduces the concept of programs and they, freely accessible and free, you are offered on the basis of the analysis of your first 7 nights, without the headband acts (stimulations, help with falling asleep). This will be an opportunity to take stock and discover your first sleep report.

Does the application change have an impact on my data?

All the nights you've done with your headband are following you, even though the app is evolving. You can find on the section HOME the map of nights done (except for the QUALITY tab). Once the evaluation stage is over, you can also find your trends from previous weeks.

Can I keep the old version of the application?

The new application is an update of your old application. It is therefore not possible to use both at the same time. However, we will give you time for you to update in good conditions.

Important: If you have a Smartphone running Android 4.3, the new application will no longer be compatible. Indeed, this software version is too old to allow the good functioning of the new application. Make sure you have a compatible phone for this update.

How do I update the application?

If updates are not automatic on your smartphone, simply go to the Android or Apple app store and update the application "DREEM COACH".

Note: Make sure your phone has enough memory to update the application. You can free up space in the settings.

I am currently an Adventurers program. What impact?

For the moment, the adventurers program is not implemented in the application, but it will soon be the case.

Why go from 5 to 3 sections?

The 3 sections presented in the application allow you to optimize your experience:

  • HOME: go up the thread of nights spent with the headband, consult the hypnogram and consult the information center
  • DREEM: set up a sleep session, help with falling asleep at the smart alarm and manage the headband settings
  • ME: access the history of sleep reports, trends, set up his account and follow the progress of programs subscribed

The passage from 5 to 3 sections was designed to centralize the information (former NUITS section in the MOI section, former DREEM section in the new DREEM section).

What changes with the new hypnogram?

The new hypnogram, available by pressing the night card, brings many improvements.

You can follow the thread of your night with the help of the cursor and better understand both the transition between different phases of sleep and the heart rate as well as the changes of position minute by minute
You can also check your respiratory rate, which is the number of breaths for one minute.


I can not find Ambiance sleep technique

For more clarity, here is how the sleep aid is composed:

  • Relaxation exercises: Breathing, Body Scan and Cognition, where you can set the duration.
  • Backgrounds (or Ambiance), which you can combine with relaxation exercises or play alone.

If, for example, you want to listen to the RAIN Sound Fund without any other exercise, simply follow:

  1. DREEM section
  2. DORMIR mode
  3. Relaxation exercise: choose NO THANKS
  4. Sound bank: choose RAIN
  5. Launch of the night
  6. Does the new application change the compatibility

Only Android compatibility changes. Indeed, your smartphone must run at least Android 5.0. Learn more about compatibility.

This application has been made for you, do not hesitate to tell us what you like, you like it less or any other remark: Share my feedbacks.

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