Band's touchpad

The touchpad is tactile pad located on the top arch of your Dreem headband, allowing you to control the headband without having to go through the app. 



  • The touchpad will lock automatically once you fall asleep at the beginning of the night, to avoid any unwanted interaction during the night.
  • To use the touchpad again at night, slide to unlock it. You will hear an unlock sound.
  • Perform the desired actions (reactivate a sleep feature, change the volume ...). After 60 seconds without any action, the touchpad will lock again.


Follow the instructions below to learn how to use properly the touchpad. 

2secs.png Long touch: Start a sleep session with the previous settings (falling asleep features, alarm, volume.

Double tap: Start or stop a falling asleep feature.


[if locked] Unlock the Touchpad
[if unlocked] Adjust the volume of the selected falling asleep feature. 



Short press of the ON / OFF button: Activate Bluetooth to connect the headband with the Dreem app.
Long press on the ON / OFF button: Finish a sleep session and turn off the headband.


Please note:

  • When you start a sleep session with the touchpad, the settings used are the one set on the Dreem app. To change them, please open the app and go to "SLEEP" section.
  • The touchpad only works when the headband is not paired to the Dreem app. 

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