CBT program


Presentation of the program

This program was developed from a therapy widely used to treat chronic sleep disorders, cognitive and behavioral therapy (CBT). Combined against these chronic disorders, it is an effective alternative to drug solutions.

Through guided exercises and simple routines that we will help you put in place, the goal will be to re-create a strong link between your bed and your sleep, to gradually find restorative and peaceful nights.

Who is it intended to?

Difficulties falling asleep, frequent awakenings, or lack of restful sleep: these problems nowadays affect a very large part of the population, with nearly 30% of French people saying that they suffer from these sleep disorders.

Course of the program

This program has a minimum duration of 6 weeks: the time necessary for you to assimilate the concepts, understand which clues to follow each week and what actions to achieve a quality sleep.

Each week, we will provide you with relevant and personalized information collected through the Dreem Band, in the form of educational videos and "dedicated cards".


The program adapts to your needs and can last a few more weeks, if necessary. Of course you can continue to follow your exercises beyond, and we will encourage you to follow the program again if needed.

Once the program is finished, you will be free to follow it again, take back some exercises, or review certain concepts.

Tracking and progress

Every morning, access the data of your night and follow the evolution of the key indicators for your sleep. From our side, we will send you personalized advice and a weekly report of your progress.


Is it easy?

Some recommendations will seem counterintuitive or difficult to achieve, and you may be doubtful - or even discouraged! - facing this action. Nevertheless, each exercise has been carefully studied and is part of a broader process of restructuring your sleep.

But whatever the duration, it is the overall monitoring of these good practices that is essential. All of these exercises are all about one goal - to help you get rid of the perpetuating factors, and get back to a healthy sleep.

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