Frequent questions about Dreem Coach

Can I use Dreem without an app?
Yes. It is possible to sleep with your band without having to go through the application, via the Touchpad. This allows you, for example, to enjoy your headband when your phone is not functional. Please note:
  • The application is still essential to start using the headband and to check the results of your nights each morning.
  • When you start a sleep session via the Touchpad, the settings chosen will be similar to those of your last sleep session (sleep function, volume, wake up, stimulation ...). If you want to modify these parameters, you will have to go back through your application and modify them in the "DREEM" section.
Is Wi-Fi required to use the app?
Technically no. However, it is recommended to keep a Wi-Fi set to get your daily sleep metrics and an updated band. Learn more about Wi-Fi.
Can I use Dreem with a tablet?
The application is technically compatible from the iPad 2 but being designed to work on smartphone, the user experience could be altered.
What if I can not pair my band and my phone?
We have prepared an article to guide you in pairing your band and your smartphone. Getting help pairing.

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