How to: Set up a Relaxation Technique

Farisa Copol
Written by Farisa Copol
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To set up a Relaxation Technique, please follow the steps below:


1. In the DREEM section (Headband icon at the bottom of your screen), select the sleep mode desired and select the arrow to enter the setup screen.

2. Select Sleep Onset

3. Scroll through the relaxation exercises available, select one and set it up, or select "Not thanks" at the bottom of the screen to skip this step: 

4. In the last screen, you will be invited to choose a background sound. You can set its duration by tapping the icon at the bottom of each card. Once you've selected a background, tap the pink arrow at the bottom of your screen to finalize your setup, or select "No thanks" if you do not want to set up a background sound. 


IMG_48EE5569F879-1.jpeg    IMG_B038E701905D-1.jpg

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Please note:

  • During your assessment stage, relaxation exercises are locked.
  • When starting a sleep session with your touchpad, the last settings set in the app will be selected by default. If you want to change these settings, you will are to change your selection and restart a record with the app for the settings to be uploaded into the headband's storage.