Respiration : Slow down your breath

Many people consider that the time between which they go to bed and the moment when they fall asleep is too long. Once we lie down, our mind is unsettled, we ruminate, thoughts pile up, multiply, and sleep comes slowly. It is initial insomnia.

The creation of dedicated audio programs

To reduce the sleep onset time, Dreem has used years of sleep research to create dedicated audio programs that will help you relax and fall asleep quicker.

Breathing exercises are known to promote relaxation and help us to let go.

Focusing on your breathing and its rhythm

We offer two features that will help you to become aware of your breathing and focus more on its rhythm. They aim at soothing you and leading you to sleep. These functionalities are based on conscious feedback methods of biological parameters, here breathing.

The Dreem headband contains, in addition to EEG sensors, a 3D accelerometer, which captures the micro-movements of your head caused by breathing. Thanks to this measurement, it is able to estimate your respiratory rate in real time.

Activating Respiration in the app 

1. Select the right mode to start your respiration exercise. 


2. Add an ambiance to respiration. You can swipe left or right to find the right ambiance for you. 


What do the breathing techniques consist of?

Starting from your respiratory rate, sound indicators will help you gradually slow down your breath to bring you to a target frequency, favorable to falling asleep.

Used regularly, this feature will gradually associate with falling asleep. You will have to find it easier to practice these exercises of breathing and thus the time it takes you to fall asleep will be reduced little by little.

Please note that if you wish to perform a respiration exercice without sleeping, select Relaxation mode. 

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