How to: create an administrator account?

Written by Jonathan
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Congratulations! You just got your Dreem for Research shipped to you. 

You will be able to create two types of accounts:

  1. Administrator account: this account is meant for the owner of the project. It allows its owner to access the viewer for raw data vizualisation and download and to create patients accounts.
  2. Supervised Dreem accounts: these accounts are meant for subjects who will be handed headbands during your protocol

1. Once your order confirmed, you will receive an email inviting you to "Data access and Account management". Follow this link.


2. On this page, please create a login and a password


Note: if you have already created an account in the app, follow the link to enter those credentials. 

3. The creation of your administrator account requests a manual validation. Once this is done (within 48-72h), you will receive this email. 


4. You can now connect to: