Pick: Body Scan

Written by Jonathan
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We’ve all been there- after a busy day at work, it can be tough to let go and return to a state of inner calm. Thoughts race round and round and we’re already preparing tomorrow complete with doomsday scenarios that will likely never happen.

Once bedtime rolls around, our minds remain wide awake. It’s time to meet meditation.

As part of our set of features designed to help with sleep onset, Dreem gives you a guided meditation to help you relax.

Why is it important to meditate before going to bed?

Increased creativity, better emotion and pain management, reduced stress and high-blood pressure… the list goes on. The benefits of regular meditation are multiple and varied.

Meditation is typically characterised as the slowing down of metabolism, which is manifested by the slowing down of heart rate and the start of a recovery process. In a state of deep meditation, theta rhythms (oscillations resulting from a cerebral activity which occurs during a state of sleep onset or low vigilance) have been observed (Young et al., 1998). This means that people who meditate are preparing their bodies to return to the process of falling asleep.

They will get to sleep more easily and more quickly.

What does the Body Scan meditation program consist of?

In the Meditation mode found in the Dreem app, voice prompts  invite you to focus on your breathing or different parts of your body as well as how you’re feeling. Thanks to feedback we received, we’ve incorporated  moments without voice instructions. These moments give you time to focus, modulate and become more aware of your physiological state.

You don’t need to be an experienced or even regular meditator to use this feature. Dreem helps you and guides you through the session.

Once you start to fall asleep, the voice instructions stop and the background music continues until you are completely asleep.

Who’s it for?

Meditation is an ideal practice for users who feel stressed or have a high level of stress during the day. Focusing on the vocal instructions helps to distract the mind from possibly negative thoughts and ruminations. It brings focus back to the body and feelings, gently accompanying you to sleep.