How to: Pause a night

Written by Semih
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To pause the recording of your night during your sleep session:

  1. Simply place your headband on a flat surface and leave it on, without using the touchpad or the power button.
  2. The headband can remain in a paused state for up to an hour. If your headband is paused for more than an hour it will automatically turn off.
  3. To resume your sleep session simply put the headband on your head and continue your night.
  4. Should you wish to restart a sleeping technique, simply press the touchpad twice as indicated in the following article: Restarting a relaxation technique
By doing this the headband will no longer detect your brain waves and prevent the transfer of inaccurate data on your hypnogram. Please note that if you are standing near your headband during this time it may still detect your brain activity. As such we advise that you do not stand near the headband until you are ready to resume usage.

Note: Please do not put your headband on its charging dock, as this would end your record.