I can't hear the sounds from my headband

If you encounter difficulties to hear or can’t hear the sounds from your headband while wearing it, it may be because your headband bone conduction system isn’t completely optimal.

Instead of being sent toward your inner ear, the sound is redirected through the air when the bone conduction transmitters are not in direct contact with your skin. You can make sure your headband bone conduction transmission is optimal for your nights by ensuring your frontband is in direct contact with your forehead. The upper arch of the headband must therefore be positioned at the top of your head.


To learn more about bone conduction, please refer to our blog.

If you still have difficulties to the sounds from your headband, you can Si vous rencontrez malgré cela des difficultés pour entendre les sons de votre bandeau, vous avez la possibilité de verify that the headband emits sounds . You can also make sure  you can hear the techniques better.

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