How Dreem algorithm works

Every 30 seconds, Dreem's machine learning algorithms determine what sleep stage you are in. The sum of these stages of sleep over a full night is the hypnogram that you can discover each morning on your app.

Extraction of data

100 values ​​are extracted every 30 seconds from the different sensors of the Dreem headband (electroencephalogram, accelerometer, pulse oximeter). Among these values:

  • the number of movements
  • slow oscillations
  • sleep spindles (or spindles), small bursts of fast rhythms, whose amplitude increases and decreases
  • K complexes, characteristic waves of the transition from light sleep to deep sleep
  • heartbeat
  • etc.

Interpretation of your sleep stage

To more accurately define your sleep stages, the algorithm compares the 30-second epochs with a base of several hundred "scored" records by sleep specialists.

In order to put each 30-second epoch into context, we use the long short term memory (LSTM) model, which takes into account the history of the 20 preceding 30-second epochs analyzed in order to analyze the current epoch. The model will consider for example the fact that you have been in deep sleep for a few minutes to analyze the current epoch.

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