The headband leaves marks on my forehead

Dreem improves your sleep during every stage of slumber. To achieve this, Dreem measures your brain activity in real time with the help of 6 EEG sensors, including 4 positioned at the forehead. It is important that the band exerts enough pressure at your forehead to ensure the sensors remain in contact with your skin throughout the night; however, it must not exert so much pressure that wearing the band is unpleasant. 
There are several factors to consider that have an affect on the pressure of the band: 
The firmness of your pillow: a firm pillow increases the pressure on the band as well as on your skin. 
  • The position of your head during sleep: if you sleep with your face on the pillow, the front of the band will be exposed to more pressure from the pillow. 
  • Your skin type: certain skin types are more sensitive to pressure marks than others. 
  • The size of your head: The tension of the band will be higher than optimal if the circumference of your head is greater than 24 inches (61 cm).
These marks are pressure marks, similar to the pillow marks many sleepers observe upon waking up. Our bands have successfully passed two irritation and allergic reaction tests, in accordance with International Standard ISO 10993. These tests, generally administered using medical devices, have been conducted on every aspect of the band that may come in contact with the wearer's head during the night.
What to do in the event that pressure marks appear on your forehead
Typically, such marks will disappear after a few minutes. In such situations where they persist longer and become bothersome, our recommendation is as follows: 
  • Try adjusting the front of the band so that it is higher up on the forehead, while making sure that the sensors stay in contact with your skin (and not your hair). The skin is more elastic at this part of your forehead, so it is likely that the marks will disappear faster. 
  • If you are concerned, it may also be a good idea to avoid sleeping on your stomach; although, it can be quite difficult to completely alter a sleep habit such as this. 
  • The front of the band is dirty. We advise you to only wear the band when your hair and face are clean. If dirt deposits accumulate around the parts of the band that are in contact with your skin, you run a greater risk of experiencing pressure marks. So be sure to follow the advice provided in the "Care and Cleaning" article in order to keep your band in good condition. 
  • Allergies. In very rare cases, you may develop an allergy to the material used in the production of the band. If you think this may be the case, contact our support team right away.  
In any event, please keep in mind that these marks are "only" pressure marks. Apart from being a superficial annoyance, there is no reason to be seriously concerned by them. It is highly unlikely that they would be the result of an allergic reaction to the band: all field tests conducted concerning this matter have been conclusive.  

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