Why do I get an exclamation point on my night card?


If you receive an exclamation point on your night card, it means that your band's signal quality wasn't sufficient during the previous night. In the type of situation, it can lead to irrelevant metrics. To prevent this from happening again, please follow those steps: 

  • Positioning the headband on your head making sure the electrodes find their way through your hair to your skin lie shown below:


  • If your headband is looser you can reduce the size by using the back elastic reducers that came with your Dreem Band. You’ll find a guide on how to use themPlease contact our support team if you need one.
  • Using the headband with clean hair and a fresh clean face, please note that if you need to apply a cream for medical reasons, avoid the areas that will be in direct contact with the headband (temples, forehead) as much as possible. We ask that also avoid oils in your hair around the back sensors.
  • Cleaning the sensors of your Band every 10 nights with a disinfectant wipe (70% isopropyl alcohol- used to disinfect skin or clean medical equipment).

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