How can I improve my signal quality

In order to optimize the signals received, it is recommended to

  • Wear the headband with clean hair and clean face. To learn more about how to put your headband on, please watch our video.
  • Note that you can improve signals by making sure the electrodes find their way through your hair to your skin. 
  • Avoid putting creams / oils on your forehead before wearing the headband. In case you are forced to apply a cream for medical reasons, avoid the areas of contact with the headband (temples, forehead) as much as possible. Also avoid applying oils on your hair at the rear sensors.
  • Also be sure to clean the sensors before your headband every 10 nights with a disinfectant wipe (also called 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes, used to disinfect the skin, or clean medical equipment for example). This action will ensure optimum signal quality.
  • If you feel like losing the headband during the night, you can ask our support team for 2 and 4cm back strap adjusters to reduce the size of the band. 

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