What the Dreem Band measures

Written by Jonathan
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Your Dreem Band collects data from various sensors:

  • Accelerometer for body movement and breathing measurements
  • Proprietary dry EEG sensors (skin & hair) for brain activity monitoring, with similar quality to medical polysomnography.
  • Pulse oximeter for heart rate measurement.

Once the sensors have finished collecting your data, your night looks like this:


This is an EEG (or electroencephalogram), a visualisation of the waveform and intensity in microvolts of the electrical activity of a large group of brain cells. The shape of the EEG waves; their frequency, intensity and amplitude are the key components for sleep staging.


Detection of your sleep stages

Once the EEG has been detected, the Dreem algorithm works to determine your sleep stages throughout the night. The final result is the hypnogram you see every morning.


Find out more about how Dreem algorithm works

The accuracy of the data collected relies on a good positioning of the Band. To learn more about how to wear it, see our guide How to: put Dreem on.