Sleep stages detection

Signal detection by the headband

The sleep stages displayed on the "HOME" section of your Dreem app is based on three sources of information:

  1. The EEG (or electroencephalogram) which detects your brain activity
  2. The accelerometer which measures your movements and breathing
  3. The heart rate monitor (or pulse oxymeter)


Detection of your sleep stages

All these informations lead a calculation every 30 seconds of your hypnogram. It allows you to see your different sleep stages and can be viewed each morning on the Dreem app.


Learn more about how Dreem algorithm works


Sleep stages seem wrong?

Several reasons may explain that your sleep stages seem wrong to you:

  • Poor signal quality. Please consult our dedicated article How can I improve my signal quality
  • The hypnogram available on the "HOME" section of the Dreem app has been smoothed for a better comprehension. This might lead to a few inconsistencies. For example, awakenings displayed on the hypnogram might not be felted by the users. 
  • The subjective level of well-being experienced might differ from the calculation made by the headband.
  • A loss of your headband during a sleep session might also cause gaps and inconsistencies in your hypnogram. 
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