How to: Put your Dreem Band on

Written by Jonathan
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Your headband comes with sensors on the front and on the back. Placing those sensors is crucial as it allows your headband to track your brain activity properly and the algorithm to classify your sleep stages. Please make sure you follow these few steps.

1. Put the band on your head. Have a Dreem 2? Make sure you choose the right size.



2. Back sensors are key for classifying your sleep staging. They are on either side of the elastic band. Adjust them as far as possible between your hair. 


3. Place the front part of the headband (the thinner part) against your forehead (so it’s touching your skin). Make sure there is no hair between your forehead and the front band. 


4. Lift your top arch in order to improve overrall fit.


Long hair?

If you have long hair, try positioning the back of the headband under your hair to improve the signal quality of the back sensors.
Note: It can take a few days to get used to wearing the headband, so don’t worry. Most Dreem users get used to it in 3-5 days.

Verify signal quality with LIVE EEG

Live EEG is located in headband settings. To use it, make sure that you are paired. It measures the difference between brain activity in the forehead and in the back of your head. If well adjusted, you will get a stable signal with a low amplitude. 

You can verify good positioning by following Check good positioning with LIVE EEG