Create a Dreem account

If the Dreem app has not yet been installed on your smartphone, please download it directly from the Apple App Store if you own an Apple device or from Google Play if you own an Android device.

Please note : 

  • Make sure the Dreem app is compatible with your mobile device by visiting our dedicated article
  • The Dreem team regularly makes available updates to the app in order to provide users a continuously richer experience.  Be sure that you always have the latest version of the app.  

Installing Dreem app

  1. Open Dreem app.
  2. Press "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" (If you already have an account, press "ALREADY A DREEMER ? CONNECT").
  3. Enter your email address and the password you have chosen for your Dreem account.
  4. Follow "First Time Usage" screens. The will allow you to fill in your Dreem profile, tour the app and setup your connections.

Please note : 

  • The email address you enter will be used for communications related to your account.
  • You have the possibility to register via Facebook or Google connect. 
  • You can also choose to log in as a guest. However, this mode is more intended for people who have received a headband.


Next step: Put your Dreem headband on

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