Set the Smart Alarm

It is more or less easy to wake up depending on our current sleep stage.

During Deep Slow Wave Sleep, the brain acts as a filter. It does not take into account some noise nuisances (light, noises, ...) so that we remain asleep. Yet, a sufficiently strong stimuli (like an alarm) can wake you up. Such awakenings are painful because we still feel sleepy and lethargic afterwards.

It is slightly easier to wake up during Rapid Eye Movement (or paradoxical) sleep (please note that awakenings in this stage will result, in 90% of the cases, in dream remembrance).

Last, but not least, it is much easier to wake up during light sleep. We feel alert and refreshed.That is why the Smart Alarm tries to wake you up during such stages.

For example, if you set it to 7:30am, it will detect the best moment to wake you up (during a light sleep stage) between 7:10am and 7:30am. If you remain in a deep sleep state from 7:10am to 7:30am, your Smart Alarm will act like a normal alarm and will wake you up at 7:30am.


Please follow the steps below to set the smart alarm:

  1. Open Dreem app and go to "DREEM" section. You will be asked to to pair your headband with Dreem app : 
    • Press On/Off button located on the upper arch of the headband. 
    • A blue light appears around the button, then starts flashing, meaning your headband is trying to pair with Dreem app.
    • Blue light turns solid blue after a few seconds : the headband is successfully paired.


2. Press "ALARM".


  1. Slide your finger to the right or left to find the right alarm for you. You will be able to hear a live demo and adjust the volume.   
  2. Setup other features (falling asleep, stimulations).
  3. Press "SLEEP".


Please note: 

  • You can also choose to set a classic alarm by pressing "Classic".
  • When you wake up, you can do a single tap on the touchpad to stop the alarm and end your sleep session. For more informations on touchpad usage, go to our dedicated article "The touchpad - using the headband without Dreem app".
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