Set the Smart Alarm in the app

Please follow the steps below to set your Smart Alarm:

1. Open the app.

2. Go to the DREEM section (Dreem Band icon) and select Sleep mode. Then, tap the "Next" icon at the bottom of your screen.



3. Tap "Configure my smart alarm".



4. Choose the time you would like to wake up. Then, set your wake-up window and your alarm sound. Confirm each of these steps by tapping the "Next" icon at the bottom of your screen.


IMG_2052.PNG         IMG_2053.PNG


You've set your Smart Alarm for the Sleep mode!




Please note:

  • For the Relax mode, you cannot set an alarm.
  • Make sure to set the volume of your alarm when launching your night.
  • Your Smart Alarm will not ring if you take off your Dreem Band before the set time or if your recordings has stopped during the night.

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