I can't see my Sleep Score on app

Several reasons may explain that the Sleep Score or sleep cards don't appear on the "HOME" section of your Dreem app : 

  • Your sleep session lasted less then 15 minutes. In this case, the headband doesn't get enough data to analyse the record as a sleep session.
  • Your Headband is not paired with Dreem app. By pairing your headband with Drem app, you should see your Sleep Score appear on "HOME" section. 
  • Sleep Score and sleep cards are still being calculated on our server. Please ensure that you have a Wi-Fi connection or a good 3G/4G connection in order to allow our server to send sleep results on Dreem app.
  • Your sleep session hasn't started properly. Please ensure that you have started your sleep session by visiting our dedicated article "Starting a sleep session".


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