Warranty and Aftersale

Written by Jonathan
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Your Dreemband comes with a 2- year warranty that covers damages and hardware malfunctions. Our 2- year warranty policy goes in effect the date your order is delivered.

In the event that a repair is needed, we will cover the cost of shipping and provide you with a prepaid mailing label. Prepaid mailing labels will only be provided to customers who reside in countries located in our current shopping destinations. Customers who reside in countries outside our shopping destinations are responsible for all shipping costs. Shipping destinations

If you would like to request assistance with your headband, please contact our customer support team.

For more information, please take a look at our General Sales Conditions.

Note to U.S. Residents: If you own a Dreem Headband purchased outside the United States, but reside in the United States, you must first return your headband to the original shipping address of your order (or any other location available on our site) by your own means so that we can process your request.