Shipping costs

Written by Jonathan
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We offer free delivery with every purchase of a Dreem Band*. In France and Europe, you can enjoy Express delivery via Chronopost.

Please note that free shipping doesn’t include:

  • Customs fees (Switzerland, Canada, Norway, etc).
  • Local taxes (California for example).
  • Import fees (DOM-TOM French Overseas Departments and Territories).

For the USA, the amount of taxes may vary depending on your state, county or city. 

For Switzerland, customs fares vary between 60 and 100 Swiss francs depending on the delivery province. Learn more about customs fares calculation 

For Canada, custom fares cost approximately 100 USD, but they may vary depending on the delivery province. Calculate your customs fares

For DOM-TOM, custom fares cost approximately 60 Euros. Learn more (in french). 

If you want to learn more about purchasing Dreem 2, visit our Shop.

*Except Hong-Kon and Macau (50€ shipping cost)