Why am I receiving so few/no deep sleep stimulations?

Several reasons may explain that you receive a few/no deep sleep stimulations:

  • Your sleep session contains a few/no deep sleep. You can check on "HOME" section of the Dreem app the hypnogram of your last sleep session to verify if you had deep sleep.
  • Your sleep session contains deep sleep stages but the headband algorithms didn't send stimulations. This might be caused by several events after which the stimulation algorithms will wait before stimulating again in order not to wake you up :
    • movements: several movements can take place during deep sleep, this is normal
    • micro-awakenings: several micro-awakenings can take place during deep sleep, this is normal
    • deep sleep stability: your deep sleep is more or less stable : for a fixed duration of deep sleep, an instable deep sleep is constitued of several deep sleep phases of a short duration
    • low signal quality: movements can cause the headband to move and loose signal measurement, during this phases, the algortihm can not stimulate

Please note that your headband must be put properly on your head to work well. For more informations, visit our dedicated article "put your headband on".

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