Restarting a technique

You can restart a sleep technique during a sleep session by doing a double tap on your touchpad. The program will be the last one set up. For more informations, go to our dedicated article "The touchpad: use your headband with Dreem app". Ensure that your headband is recording and on head before using the touchpad. 

Please note that you can also restart a falling asleep feature with Dreem app:

  1. Open Dreem app.
  2. Go to "SLEEP" section. You will be asked to to pair your headband with Dreem app : 
    • Press On/Off button located on the upper arch of the headband. 
    • A blue light appears around the button, then starts flashing, meaning your headband is trying to pair with Dreem app.
    • Blue light turns solid blue after a few seconds : the headband is successfully paired.
  3. The app indicates that a record is in progress. Press "MODIFY SETTINGS".
  4. Slide your finger to the right or left to find among Meditation, Ambiance, Cognition and Respiration the right technique for you. You will be able to hear a live demo and adjust the volume.   
  5. Press "SLEEP".
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