How to: Restart a Relaxation Technique

Written by Jonathan
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You can restart a Relaxation Technique during a sleep session by doing a double tap on your touchpad. The program will be the same as the last one you set. For more information, head to our dedicated guide ’The touchpad'


To unlock your touchpad, swipe it with your finger. You’ll hear the unlock sound. Then you just need to double tap the touchpad to restart the Relaxation Technique.

TIP: If you want to change the relaxation technique during you sleep session, you must use the app:

1. Pair your headband by turning it on (ON/OFF button).

2. You'll see a message appear. You can either choose to end night or modify parameters. 


3. Select "RESUME".

4. Select the gear icon to modify your night parameters. 


4. Choose a new relaxation technique.

5. Press the moon icon, your night will continue with a new relaxation technique playing.