The touchpad doesn't work

How can i test the touchpad ?

Start a night session with the falling asleep feature activated at the maximum volume. Once  the session started (after pressing on SLEEP button), you should hear the falling asleep feature, and use the touchpad : try the following commands :

- swipe your finger along the touchpad to change volume : you should hear the volume change and bips that are 

- double tap to play/pause the session

Please refer to this article to have further instructions on these commands : Understanding the touchpad

If the touchpad doesn't work, try the following instructions : 

  • Ensure that your headband isn't paired with your Dreem app.
  • Turn off your headband by pressing On/Off button for 2 seconds, then turn it on again.

If the touchpad still doesn't work, please contact our support service. 

For more informations on the touchpad, go visit our dedicated article : Understanding the touchpad 

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